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Friday, April 20, 2018

The Role of Spiritual Wisdom in Human Happiness

The Role of Spiritual Wisdom in Human Happiness

We are now living in a secular society, where science is the dominant religion. As a result, nowadays, many people do not believe in the existence of God. However, despite the absence of God in their lives, spirituality may still be present in the hearts of many. The explanation is that they may still believe they have a soul, which is essentially an unfathomable spirit providing the mind of an individual with spiritual direction, guidance, and understanding—most importantly, it may give that individual happiness.

For those who believe in God, the soul is the connection of man to God. This inexplicable connection is a line of spiritual communication in the form of prayers, moments of self-awakening, divine inspiration, and spiritual wisdom.

For those who do not have a specific religion, but still believe in the control of a Being greater than themselves, the spirit is the deep understanding of the inexplicable control and the natural cycle of all things—that is, certain things in life are beyond human control and understanding; certain things in life follow a natural cycle or order, such as life is inevitably followed by death.

For those who are non-believers, but still decent human beings, the spirit is the conscience that can tell them what is right and wrong, and not just following the law and order of their countries.

Spiritual wisdom oversees the mind that controls the body. The everyday life choices and decisions made by the mind affect the body with respect to how it acts and reacts in the physical world; spiritual wisdom provides the mind with guidance and inspiration, helping it to think right,

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