Friday, June 16, 2017

The Wisdom to Let Go of Mind Disorder

In 2015, gunman Vester Flanagan gunned down reporter Alison Parker and Adam Ward in front of the TV camera; this vicious slaughter was witnessed by thousands of TV viewers.

Many viewers, including some interviewed psychologists, tried to explain why the murderer would do such a horrific act.

Maybe the wisdom of Lao Tzu, also known as Tao wisdom (The word "Tao" comes from the ancient Chinese classic "Tao Te Ching" the only book written by Lao Tzu, which has become one of the most translated works in world literature) can explain why the killer has a mind disorder. As a matter of fact, we may all have a mind disorder to a greater or lesser extent, if we don't follow the wisdom of Lao Tzu.

This mind disorder is a result of not "letting go." In life, we all have to learn how to let go of everything, including life itself (when we have to confront imminent death as a result of health or old age). Throughout life, we have to let go of our children (when they go to college, get married, or die ahead of us); we have to let go of material things, such as career, money etc.); we have to let go of our memories (memories of the unpleasant in the form of anger, bitterness, or vengeance, as well as memories of the pleasant in the form of desires and expectations). If we do not and cannot let go of our emotions, we develop mind disorder that may lead to anything, including a horrific crime, such as the one committed by the gunman Vester Flanagan. 

This is how the mind disorder of a killer is developed. An individual is fired from his job. His perceptions of disappointment, dissatisfaction. injustice, racial prejudice and discrimination, among others, become registered in the mind as memories. Without the power of letting go, that individual's mind will continue to generate more negative thoughts in the subconscious mind until the breaking point. If that individual has an aggressive or a violent nature, then killing may seem to be the last resort.

It is all about letting go, which is the essence of Tao wisdom. To learn how to let go, begin with letting go of material things (Are you living a simple life? Is your closet cluttered with clothes that you have not worn in the past few years?); with the letting go of time (Are you always on the go? Do you talk or text while driving? Are you living in the past or the future, except in the present?); with the letting go of the memories (Do you easily forgive or do you always bear grudges?). If you don't let go, you have anxiety, depression, and other mind disorders that may culminate in tragedies.

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To live well as if everything is a miracle, you need wisdom—more specifically, the Tao wisdom of letting go.  

Mind disorder can easily lead to depression.

Stephen Lau 

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