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Thursday, September 20, 2018

True Human Wisdom

TAO () is about the thinking mind. It is the wisdom of Lao Tzu, the ancient sage from China, who was the author of the immortal classic Tao Te Ching.

We are human, and it is human nature to follow and cling to human wisdom as a beacon of light to show us the way as we continue our life journey. Tao or the Way is a means to an end, but not an end itself. That is to say, we follow Tao to some destination, but Tao is neither a destination nor the destination. Attaining human wisdom is a continual process; there is no destination.

Tao may be the Way between human wisdom and divine wisdom. It helps us understand the true nature of man and his role in the world of creation, and thus connects us directly or indirectly to the Creator.

One of the essentials of Tao is awareness, which is consciousness of thinking.

Awareness is the presence of mind that enables us to wait with patience for the revelation of God’s wisdom, which does not happen immediately, especially when our minds are still compulsive and muddled.

“we wait for our muddled thoughts to settle,
our composed minds to become clear just like muddy water,
until enlightenment arises, followed by eternal salvation.”
(Lao Tzu, Chapter 15, Tao Te Ching)

With awakened awareness, we may perceive the ultimate truth in Biblical wisdom that leads to human salvation.

Lao Tzu emphasizes the need for awareness as we continue to process the profound wisdom that is slowly and gradually revealed to us. Without that acute awareness, there may not be any understanding. Therefore, we must be:

“watchful, like a man crossing a winter stream;
alert, like a man aware of danger;
courteous, like a visiting guest;
yielding, like ice about to melt;
simple, like a piece of uncarved wood;
hollow, like a cave
opaque, like muddy water.”
(Lao Tzu, Chapter 15, Tao Te Ching)

With Tao wisdom, we may not only seek more but also understand better Biblical wisdom.

TAO: The Way to Biblical Wisdom

The author's own translation of "Tao Te Ching" is based on his belief that Lao Tzu's masterpiece is about the Creator of the universe, and that with true human wisdom man sees not only the manifestations but also the mysteries of His creation.

The book is about true human wisdom without the "conditioned" thinking of contemporary wisdom. Without the "reverse" mindset of Lao Tzu, man may have difficulties in understanding the wisdom of God expressed in the Bible.
The book is divided into four parts.

Part One is about the author’s reasons for writing the book, and also why "Tao Te Ching" is a "must read" for anyone who seeks real human wisdom.

Part Two is the author’s own translation of the 81 chapters of "Tao Te Ching" with respect to the Bible; each chapter is followed by some selected Bible verses for further reflection on what Lao Tzu has said.

Part Three is about the essentials of Tao wisdom with detailed explanation in plain English and with everyday life examples to help the reader understand the profound wisdom of Lao Tzu.

Part Four is an explanation of how Tao wisdom may help the reader understand God's wisdom in the Bible. Tao is the Way to Biblical wisdom.

Stephen Lau
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