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Saturday, February 9, 2019

How to Become More Spiritual

How to Become More Spiritual

There are several ways to help you become more spiritual to be younger for longer:

Simplify your life: clear away the physical clutters in your living environment as the first step to free yourself from material and mundane clutters.

Focus on your soul or more spiritual things, such as compassion and loving-kindness.

Get to know more about yourself, especially your needs and values. Remember, needs and wants are not the same.

Learn to look within yourself for answers to your life problems: you will become more self-reliant and self-sufficient.

Find your inner voice: what you love to do, and what touches your heart and your soul.  Your inner self knows the truth when you hear it. Nobody knows you better than yourself, and there is no better physician than yourself, who know what is best for your body. This intuitive wisdom is self-healing, which makes you healthier and younger for longer.

Nourish your physical body with nutrients to keep it healthy—a prerequisite for spiritual health.

Live according to your own highest ideals, which form the platform for being younger in heart for longer.

Consciously improve your everyday attitudes and feelings, not just about yourself, but also towards others. Every moment in your day-to-day interactions provides an opportunity for you to become more spiritual, if you will consciously avail yourself of that opportunity. Using Mother Teresa’s example, begin by conveying warmth to someone who least expects it, and this gesture of compassion is spirituality. Your spiritual thinking causes your personality and daily interactions with others to become an expression of your soul: your daily actions speak you mind. A healthy mind is full of spirituality.

Feed your mind with positive thoughts to avoid distorted thinking that may lead to depression and other mental disorders. Avoid negative self-talk, a destructive habit that may talk you out of actions you deem too scary or uncomfortable for you. Use positive affirmations, and reinforce them with mental visualization, which enables you to focus all your mental energies on only positive images, thereby eliminating negative thoughts.

Replenish your soul with spiritual feelings, such as unconditional love, generosity, gratitude, and forgiveness, among others. Love melts your resistance to change for the better; without love, you simply continue to perpetuate that which you resist. Gratitude will not make you compare your current state (health and wealth) with that of others; gratitude is a great attitude in healthy spiritual living. Forgiveness is a necessary requirement for health and healing; forgive yourself as well as others for—mistakes are necessary for the learning process in life.

Always look outside of yourself. Learn to pray. There is one prerequisite: you must ask. Ask and you shall receive!  Whatever blessings, be they small or great, that come your way, come from above. Prayer works by altering your brain chemistry. Like anti-depressant drugs, prayer can help you build up the feeling-good brain chemicals, such as serotonin. Prayer restores your hope, strength, and health: it makes you younger for longer. 

Healing your body, mind and emotions is in itself part of your spiritual evolution. Live in total harmony with the biological, emotional, mental and spiritual laws that govern your health and well-being. There are certain laws of Nature that cannot be broken without dire consequences for your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness—which can make you younger for longer.

To be younger for longer, always enhance your spiritual growth.

Stephen Lau  
Copyright© by Stephen Lau

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