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Monday, October 29, 2018

Human Fear and Worry

Fear and worry are deeply rooted in the human mind, because we all want things our way, or no way, with no exception. But, unfortunately, the human mind is always obsessed with the reality that things seldom, if ever, go our way.

So, fear and worry may make you want to follow the popular wisdom of the world: seeking what is good, and avoiding what is bad.

But the wisdom of the Creator may be unfathomable and unattainable to many, especially those who are proud, and who want things their way or no way.

“We are all desirous of making the right choices,
fearful of making the wrong ones.
We all pursue what others say is good,
avoiding what they say is bad.
We all follow the popular wisdom of judgment and preference,
instead of the wisdom of the Creator,
requiring us to be undesirous and unperturbed, just like a newborn.

The wisdom of the Creator may seem unreal, and even foolish,
while the worldly wisdom may seem smart and popular.
The Way to enlightenment and salvation is narrow and restricted,
while the way to human folly is open and wide.

The foolish all have goals.
The wise are humble and stubborn.
They alone trust the Creator,
and not the world He created.”
(Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, chapter 20)

Stephen Lau

Copyright© by Stephen Lau

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