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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Everything Is Nothing; Nothing Is Everything

Everything is nothing

Remember, life always begets death. What goes up must also come down. This is the natural cycle of everything in this world. Many people live without thinking of death or deliberately ignoring its existence, while others live but always with death on their minds—especially those elderly. Death is inevitable, but one need not anticipate it as if it is imminent, even if one is advanced in years. Nobody knows when death may descend. Just live your life as if there is no tomorrow, and live in the now, and live as if everything is a miracle.

Remember, whether you would like letting go or not, you came from dust, and dust you shall return to.

Remember your Creator before you return to the dust you came from. Remember him before your spirit goes back to God who gave it.
(Ecclesiastics 12: 7)

The bottom line: remember your Creator, or where you came from; everything is nothing in the end. So, why hold on to, and why not let go of, everything that eventually becomes nothing? Just let go to let God, who is in absolute control; everything must return to Him as nothing. Indeed, the wisdom of everything is nothing is the wisdom of letting go.

Nothing is everything

The realization that nothing is in fact everything gives you freedom and liberation from all attachments. Letting go to let God is self-enlightenment. Returning to dust is actually the only pathway to everything; physical death is just a way station on the road to paradise. Christ's resurrection is a testament that death can be a rite of passage to life eternal, and that nothing ultimately becomes everything in the life to come.

Believe that God brought you here for a purpose that you may not know. He will keep you in His love as long as you trust Him. To demonstrate that trust, you have to be obedient, which means you have to let go of all attachments that are no more than just distractions from your fear of the unknown ahead of you. He will make any trial in your life a blessing, teaching you a lesson He intends you to learn from it. He is giving you His grace to be bestowed on you. In His good time, He will deliver you—how and when you may not know, and this is the trust, without which there is no letting go. An inflated ego does not solve your life problems; it only increases them with more attachments. Letting go of your ego is the way to go. Attachments are no more than your emotional dependence on things, people, and thoughts that make your reluctant to letting go. Only letting go can create the “emptiness” to be filled by God’s wisdom to help you let go to let God.

Stephen Lau        
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