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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Tao Wisdom to Change You Into A Better You

Tao Wisdom to Change You Into A Better You

There is absolutely nothing that you can do about your past or your own personality development over the various stages of your life. Nevertheless, do look back at the past, and conduct your own life review. Understanding what has made you become who and what you are right now can still help you change the direction of the pathway your life is currently following.

To harness the power of change, do ask yourself the following questions:

Are you still searching for direction or purpose In your life?
Are you afraid or anxious to make changes in your life?
Are there major life decisions you made in the past that you now regret?
Are you feeling that the old days were much better than the present ones?
Are you feeling that, as you grow older, you have become more like your true self?
Are you open to considering options in your life to make you become a better, happier, and wiser individual?

Asking the above questions may help you reflect on the need to change in order to change yourself into a better and happier you.

Don’t just change for the sake of change, but change because to remain static is to wither away, while to hold on to the best moments of your life is simply impossible and unrealistic. The change must be adaptive to your already developed personality, as well as to your current conditions and environment.

There is always a possibility for change at any stage of your life. The recognition of human wisdom can help you have more confidence to change what needs to be changed. When you feel discouraged by negative thoughts, such as “I’m too old” or “I’m simply not good enough,” true human wisdom may help you find the ideal balance between change and stability. This is where Tao wisdom may play a pivotal role to initiate the change inside you to become a better and happier you. Yes, you can do it. Anyone can do it with Tao wisdom.

Stephen Lau     
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